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The Best Undercut Hairstyles for Men in 2023

The undercut hairstyle has been a popular men’s haircut for years. Undercut hairstyles don’t just look great, they also offer versatility in styling. In 2023, the undercut remains one of the best hairstyles for men who want a stylish and masculine look.

This comprehensive guide covers 20 of the best undercut hairstyles for men this year. Whether you have short, long, curly, or straight hair, there is an undercut style perfect for you. Read on to find inspiration for your next haircut!

What is an Undercut Hairstyle?

An undercut is a hairstyle where the back and sides are cut shorter than the hair on top. This creates a sharp contrast between the short sides and longer hair on top, which can then be styled in different ways.

The length of the hair on top and the degree of contrast with the undercut sides can vary. For example, hair on top may be 2-3 inches long or longer for more dramatic styles. The sides and back can be buzzed close with clippers or faded gradually.

This versatility allows for many different undercut styles to suit personal preferences. The short sides reduce bulk and keep the look neat, while the longer top adds volume and enables customized styling.

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The Popularity of Undercuts for Men

Undercuts have been popular men’s hairstyles for decades, but they became especially trendy in recent years. There are many reasons why undercuts remain one of the most popular hairstyles for men in 2023:

  • Versatility – Undercuts work for men with short or long hair on top. There are options for straight, curly, thick, and thin hair types. The shorter sides contour the head shape beautifully.
  • Low maintenance – Once the back and sides are cut short, the undercut remains neat and sharply shaped for weeks. This reduces the need for frequent trimming compared to uniformly longer hair.
  • Edgy style – Undercuts have an edgy, bold look that stands out. The high contrast creates a very masculine, powerful aesthetic.
  • Hairstyling options – The longer hair on top can be styled in many different ways, from messy to slicked back to voluminous. This flexibility allows customization for the wearer.
  • Suitability – Undercuts are flattering on most face and head shapes. They work well with round, oval, square, diamond, and oblong face shapes for men.

A Brief History of the Undercut Hairstyle

Undercuts actually have a long history, dating back centuries. Variations of shaved or buzzed sides with longer hair on top have been worn by men in many cultures, from ancient Greek and Roman styles to Victorian era haircuts.

Undercuts remained common for men through the early 20th century. After World War II, shorter hairstyles became the norm. Undercuts faded in popularity for decades.

The undercut hairstyle saw a major revival starting in the 1980s and 90s. Music, fashion, and celebrity influence brought back the edgy undercut. It gained popularity once again as an alternative to traditional short back and sides haircuts.

In the 2000s and 2010s, undercuts truly went mainstream. Men’s hair trends embraced longer, textured hair with hard parts, fades, and fresh approaches to the classic undercut. Now it is one of the most popular modern men’s hairstyles.

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20 Best Undercut Hairstyles for Men in 2023

1. Disconnected Undercut

This undercut has high-contrast between the long hair on top and closely shaved sides and back. It makes a bold statement and allows for customizable styling of the longer top.

The disconnected undercut pairs 2-5 inches of hair on top with closely buzzed sides, completely disconnecting the lengths. This creates an eye-catching, futuristic style. Use products to enhance the texture and flow of the longer hair.

2. Fade Undercut

A faded undercut gradually transitions from long on top to shorter sides and back. This blends the contrast for a subtle style. Pair it with a hard part for a sharp finish.

Ask your barber for a high, mid, or low taper fade. This will blend the back/sides smoothly down to the skin instead of buzzing all one length.

3. Slick Back Undercut

Slicking the longer top hair back creates a polished, sophisticated look. Use a pomade or wax to sweep the hair back off the face.

This dapper style works well for men with straight, thick hair. Apply product to slick hair neatly backward and finish with a brush.

4. Side Part Undercut

A classic side part and undercut is masculine and refined. Part the hair and sweep it to one side. Also called a side-swept undercut.

Use a comb to create a clean side part. Then direct the longer hair to one side for a suave look. This undercut highlights your natural hair texture.

5. Undercut with Hard Part

Adding a hard part — a shaved line to separate the sides — gives this undercut extra definition. Style the top hair up or back.

Ask your barber to shave a part into your hair before applying the undercut. This looks great swept back or styled into a pompadour.

6. Curly Undercut

For men with naturally curly hair, an undercut allows the curls on top to shine while keeping the back/sides neat.

Maximize your curls with this cut. Use defined shape instead of uniform length to let those luscious locks take center stage.

7. Undercut Pompadour

A pompadour paired with an undercut offers volume and height up top combined with short sides. Styling products give hold.

Add volume with a quality mousse. Blow dry hair upward and style into a tall pompadour to complement the undercut edges.

8. Viking Undercut

This rugged, warrior-inspired style pairs long hair on top with very short or shaved sides and back. Let your inner Viking out!

Keep hair long and thick on top, at least 4-6 inches. Comb it back away from the face. Braids optional!

9. Man Bun Undercut

An undercut allows you to pull long hair up into a stylish top knot or bun while keeping sides short for contrast.

Pull long locks atop your head and wrap with an elastic for a man bun. Alternately, let hair down for an edgy style.

10. Messy Undercut

Embrace the messy, textured look by combining an undercut with longer, tousled hair on top. Use a sea salt spray for extra grit.

Get an uneven choppy cut on top and style with fingertips. Rough it up with texturizing products. Effortlessly cool!

11. Long Hair Undercut

Keep long locks flowing with an undercut below. The longer top hair offsets the buzzed sides and back.

Grow hair out very long on top – 5 inches or more. Contrast with a faded undercut on the back and sides for a bold look.

12. Skin Fade Undercut

For maximum contrast, get a skin fade rather than a standard buzz cut on the back/sides.

Ask your barber for a skin fade that tapers down to the scalp. This pairs smoothly with longer hair up top for a high-impact style.

13. Textured Crop Undercut

Go for a layered, chopped look on top. The stacked volumes of hair paired with a faded undercut is awesome.

Get choppy layers cut into the longer top hair. This adds dimension. Spike it up with wax for texture.

14. Short Hair Undercut

Even guys with shorter hair can enjoy the edgy style of an undercut. Keep just an inch or two of hair up top.

Don’t be afraid to try an undercut if your hair is on the shorter side. Just a couple inches contrasts well with faded sides.

15. Comb Over Undercut

Get a comb over undercut with the sides faded. Sweep and style the longer top section to one side.

Smoothly comb hair over to one side while keeping the back/sides trimmed. This takes the undercut from casual to dapper.

16. Curtain Bangs Undercut

Incorporate curtain bangs into an undercut for an on-trend style. Part them down the middle or sweep them to one side.

Add curtain bangs – longer face-framing layers – on top. Contrast these soft bangs with an edgy undercut below.

17. Bleached Undercut

Make a statement by bleaching and dying the longer top a lighter colour than the dark sides.

For dramatic results, ask your stylist to bleach/color the hair on top. This makes it pop against darker sides.

18. Shaved Design Undercut

Customize your cut with a shaved design, like a line, triangle, or flair.

Get creative with your short sides. Shave a design into one or both sides, like a lightning bolt, for signature style.

19. Mohawk Undercut

Channel your inner punk rocker with a faux mohawk paired with an undercut base. Spike the strip of longer hair down the middle.

Shave the sides down while leaving a strip of hair extra long through the middle. Spike it tall.

20. Hidden Undercut

This subtler take leaves hair long enough on top that you can hide and reveal the undercut sides at will.

Ask for the sides to be buzzed with a #2 or #3 clipper setting. Then the longer top conceals the undercut until swept back.

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How to Get and Style an Undercut

Getting the Cut

  • Bring inspiration photos to show your barber or stylist. Discuss the specific length, fade, and styling you want.
  • Specify the exact length you want on top. Undercuts range from 1-8 inches up top depending on style.
  • Request shorter back/sides faded or buzzed. Determine how dramatic you want the contrast.
  • Consider a skin fade for very high contrast. Or opt for a subtle taper.
  • Add flair with a hard side part, shaved line, or design if desired.

Styling Tips

  • Use a pomade, wax, gel, or clay to style the longer top as desired.
  • Experiment with messy, sleek, or swept styles. Your products and techniques can vary from day to day.
  • Use a blow dryer and round brush to lift the top hair up and direct flow towards the back or sides.
  • Braids, buns, and texture sprays diversify how you wear an undercut.
  • Maintain with regular trims to keep the undercut edges crisp and freshly buzzed along your neckline.

How to Determine if an Undercut Will Suit You

Undercuts can be adapted to work for all guys, but consider these factors for ideal style:

  • Face shape – Oval, rectangular, and square faces suit undercuts well. Those with rounder faces can balance this with sharper lines.
  • Hair type – Men with straight, thick hair will have an easier time shaping the longer top. Very curly hair also looks great in an undercut.
  • Hair texture – Coarse or thick hair makes it easier to create volume and flow. Fine hair may require more precision.
  • Head shape – Well-proportioned head shapes complement undercuts. If you have an unusually wide or long head, request adjustments.

Don’t be afraid to show photos and discuss options for customizing the undercut to your skull shape and features. A talented barber can adapt the style to suit you.


What face shapes work best with undercuts?

Undercuts tend to suit oval, rectangular, and square face shapes best. The short sides sculpt these shapes flatteringly. Guys with round or oblong faces can also wear undercuts well. Go for sharper lines rather than a rounded fade. The angles complement softer face shapes.

Do women wear undercut hairstyles too?

Absolutely! Undercuts offer a bold look on women and men alike. Some ladies opt for an undercut with one side of hair left long, sometimes braided. Others rock a disconnected undercut like Ruby Rose. It’s edgy style, not limited to masculine looks.

Are undercuts still in style for 2023?

Yes, undercuts remain one of the most popular, stylish haircuts for men this year. The edgy contrast created by buzzed sides and longer hair on top provides versatility that makes undercuts a great choice right now. Trends for 2023 continue embracing natural texture and volume on top paired with tight sides.

What maintenance is required for undercuts?

Get the back and sides trimmed every 2-4 weeks to maintain the short length and clean lines of the undercut. This is critical as the buzzed sides and back grow out quickly. Visit your barber regularly, at least once a month. Quality maintenance preserves the undercut style. For longer hair on top, trim as needed based on your desired length.

How do you grow out an undercut?

Growing out an undercut requires patience through awkward stages. It can take 6 months to a year. Here are some tips:

  • Get trims to gradually taper the short sides up to meet the longer top sections.
  • Use hats, headbands, and styling products to mask uneven growth.
  • Once hair is long enough, try man buns, swept-back looks, and messy styling to transition lengths.
  • Finally, even up lengths with layers as your hair approaches the desired length.


Undercut hairstyles continue leading men’s hair trends in 2023, offering classic style with an edgy twist. Whether you go for a comb over, slick back, fade, or shaved undercut, embrace one of these cool cuts to change up your look this year!

With countless variations, an undercut can be tailored to your exact hair type, length, and personal style. The short sides create definition and contrast for low-maintenance fashion. If you’re looking for a modern, masculine cut, try out one of these 20 best undercut hairstyles for men.

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